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Category Archives: Film Cameras

A Tale of Two Cameras

After the problems I encountered with the Zenit 3m, I was still left with a taste for Russian lenses. I decided an M42 screw mount SLR (a.k.a. Pentax Screw Mount, or Praktica/Pentax Screw Mount) would be the best way forward. But what camera to get? Another, more modern Zenit? A Japanese camera? Well, I had […]


This photo was taken shortly before the start of The Great Race here in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s actually one of the best photos that came out of the Zenit 3m. Besides the horrific light leak, there were only 13 relatively properly exposed frames on the 36 exposure roll. Several frames were overlapped, and all this […]

An Oldie Gets Another Try

A short while ago, I bought this 50 year old veteran of the Former Soviet Union (FSU). This is a Zenit 3M. Since it had markings on the top to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution, I thought it would make a nice conversation piece. But, I had to go try it out. […]

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